QotD: Top 5 in '06 - Television

What were your top 5 TV shows of 2006?

You know, TV seems like such a silly thing. Controlled by a bunch of dinosaurs who generally don't get it. The networks are starting to wake up a little, but I think it's too late and TV as we know it is going to change. So with that in mind, I will list the top 5 shows--TV or Internet-based--that I like:

  • Heroes -- Okay, it's a TV show, but it's really good. I can't wait until it starts up again.
  • GeekBrief.Tv -- My wife walked by one night while I was watching it and said "how can you watch this?" Cali Lewis is HOT. And she's talking about gadgets. 'nuff said.
  • Battlestar Galatica -- I resisted this one for a while, but decided to climb on board when I saw a freebie on iTunes that summarized the first two seasons worth. Okay, now I'm hooked.
  • Ask a Ninja -- This is just hilarious. "I look forward to killing you soon."
  • Cranky Geeks -- I have always been a sucker for John C. Dvorak. The panelists he has on are even crankier than he is.

I watch other things, but these are the ones I try not to miss.