a right to free speech does not equal the right to be heard. 😉



if it goes against the narrative, it’s wrongthink.


It'd be really groovy if Google, which owns YouTube, had a nice, simple, "copy this file in Google Drive to YouTube" integration that didn't involve downloading and re-uploading gigabytes of data across my broadband connection. Clearly they're too busy tweaking their algos to blackhole opinions and viewpoints that are wrongthink.

I may even put in for a week of vacation :P


Sure, I think some travel will take place, but it won't be anywhere near what it was.


The good thing about not being able to travel is: no matter what we’re doing, I get to sleep in my own bed and drink my own coffee.

The bad thing is that we can basically put two conferences on at once (same conference for different timezones) with double the work and I have to get up at 4am those days because timezones. And do a bunch of other work related to what’s being launched at the conference.

The next several days are going to be…painful. As if the last few days were not.

Can’t believe I have a child older than this classic meme [newgrounds.com], which apparently turned 20 today. Don’t worry, you don’t need Flash to see it. 😬


I switched to Bitwarden when they doubled the price for individuals a couple years ago.


don’t think you’re missing much in North America. 😝


good luck with that crowd 😝