this will definitely have a massive impact on the global economy.

Looks like the NBA has suspended their season thanks to a player testing positive for Covid-19. Between that and the various municipalities banning large gatherings to limit the spread, times are…interesting.

apparently they're banning large gatherings of people (over 250) in King and Pierce Counties now. May also close schools and whatnot.

Another early start, another early jog.


maybe I can actually use that API instead of posting my photos on Imgur. đŸ˜‰

Those numbers sound like they're trending the right direction.

Think I've earned my coffee now. Happy Tuesday!


Sanders may not even be alive in the next decade. Or Biden for that matter.

Hopefully I can stop jogging in the dark soon.


The cynic in me says he's trying to set you up to fail. You probably won't, of course. :P