the Zags have been good for a while haven't they?

colleges had already started moving courses to online. My son, who was supposed to be on Spring Break next week, ended up coming home early because he didn't need to go to campus at all. And since he only has a month of classes after, if everything goes online, he might just stay home.

My "bonus" run was a mile longer than my morning run, and for good reason. The last few days have been a little stressful with all the fallout from Coronavirus.


Seattle-area schools ordered closed due to Coronavirus []

Glad my kids aren't little anymore.

at least in the short term. If there's one silver lining, maybe more of us can work from home now?

Two of my events have been converted to virtual ones, not sure about the third one yet (either it's virtual or cancelled).

Tried to squeeze in a jog before an early morning meeting that ultimately got moved. 🤦


if you're selling remote access and/or conferencing solutions, or toilet paper, you're making money. 😬

the economic impact is going to be brutal in the short term.

yes. Two reasons:

  1. One player tested positive for Covid-19.
  2. Larger metro areas have started banning large gatherings of people, which would force teams to play in empty stadiums.