Have to say, it never occurred to me that microphones and video switchers would be considered IT equipment. Apparently the day job’s finance department thinks so. 😬

I did that with my personal feed a while ago. Lot of great stuff in Podcasting 2.0 😬


I can always count on the day job's finance department to make what should be a relatively simple reimbursement request to include some extra hoops…just because.

possibly. It’s still in my queue to listen to.


Doubtfully daily, or even yearly .


15 states have passed legislation to go to permanent DST if the feds allow it. All that needs to happen is for the states to change timezones (optional, IMO) and stay on standard time. Current federal law already allows for this.

Standard time? Daylight time? Don’t care either way. Just quit changing the clocks already.


that’s…not a high bar to clear.


only twice? I must be improving 😂


I rarely use desktop players to play podcasts, that said I’d try to use Podfriend on a web browser if I needed to. 😝


The current beta of watchOS is fucking terrible. I ended up having to factory reset my watch yesterday because it completely didn’t properly track workouts…or forgot how to track when I was standing. 🙄