no I left it the default.

Hm, haven't seen my blog post appear on the timeline here yet…

the word in English is "fucked" 😑

it's not in dangerous territory yet but it's bigger than it should be. Most likely part of the metabolic damage I've suffered.

Definitely need a consult with a vascular doctor now.

as my wife said: it's a good thing you went in.

did my event today. Going to be in Ottawa the rest of the week, except Thursday I'm driving to Montreal.

the planes that allow that aren't particularly comfortable to fly on. 😬

that could have easily been a blog post 😬

10C as an RSS reader? Hmm…

Still trying to get my doctor to tell me what my actual CAC score was but he said "no heart disease." However, my aorta is…enlarged. 😑