I just wish when my body decides to pee out all the water it held onto because of the carbs I ate on Saturday, it would do so when I’m NOT trying to sleep. 🤪

that’s the main strain. 😣



my opportunity to work “somewhere else” was rarely an office. That said, when you can’t travel, coffee shops aren’t exactly encouraging you to hang out in them, and you have to wear masks in them even if they are, I’ll just stay home, thanks.


I actually went out to a restaurant for the first time in what seems like forever in Tacoma.

The servers were all wearing masks, and we all walked in and around the restaurant with our masks on, but at the table? We did not. Place was definitely not packed, but their “last call” was at 9pm.

While I’m hopeful we can ditch the masks sooner rather than later, we’re still taking our shoes off at the airport 20 years later.

Trust me, the novelty will wear off. it’d be nice to work from some place…any place…other than home. Which I’ve been doing for over a year now.


an 8.8% beer is a good start 👍🏻


I’m sure he’d walk around naked if that was socially acceptable. 😬


seriously, learn the Wim Hof Method [wimhofmethod.com]. It’s taken my stress down several notches.


Pouring one out for Grandma Hattie. She died 20 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day.


funny thing is the Rodecaster I also purchased recently was NOT considered IT equipment.

There’s two main reasons it matters: who has to approve the resulting PR, and whether I even need one based on the amount. It’s all just silly paperwork.