my gauge for this is my wife. She had a Geocities back in the day. She doesn’t have a web presence now. My kids? They barely use social media, much less have a web presence. 😝

I definitely prefer much smaller, less centralized systems.


from what I can tell, outside of a few of us who have been doing this for a couple decades, most people don’t have a personal website anymore.

Me? I have more than one website, but I’m also extra special. 😜


I have a fun CSS issue that’s been cropping up on a colleague’s system. We’re both using Mac and Chrome, yet one element on the site has been showing up in the wrong place.

Try troubleshooting THAT shit. 🙄

wow, I wrote that years ago. And it’s even more true now.

in Israel, they are also very common, but it just seems weird because Hebrew is written right to left and the Arabic numerals are written left to right…

are Arabic numerals pretty common in Japan? I remember learning how to write numbers in Japanese way back when…

the cherry blossoms around here aren't quite that bloomy yet. Give it a few weeks, though.

that is literally almost true, about another 6 kg to go.

A co-worker sent me the photo on the left from a few years ago, saying “fucking hell, you are a different man.” In, oh, so many ways. #FaceliftFriday


every action has a risk/reward associated with it. You’re not alive if you’re not breathing, so…anything related to breathing is almost all upside with little to no downsides.

And yes, we could all use a little more fresh air in our lives.