funny thing is I ended up buying an iPad so my wife can use it on the treadmill. It's gotten used for lots of other things (including for the trip my wife/daughter took to Hawaii), but not that so far. 🤔


I got 9 last night. It was glorious.

Now that Comcast has deactivated my cable TV service, no reason to keep the cable boxes connected any longer.

no idea, I just try to sleep when it's timezone appropriate. Or if I'm stuck in a shiny metal tube. 😬

bad sleep can lead to corpulence, among other things.


I added Melatonin to my supplements, which given how much I travel, seems long overdue.


one thing I've made an effort to improve is how much sleep I get. Everything I'm reading suggests it's critical for good health.

because they put me on a different promo, it might actually go down by a buck or two. Also, "Limited Basic TV" plus added fees was over $30/mo. And it will keep going up.

But, of course, we'll wait until we see the actual bill.

I have officially "cut the cord" from Cable TV. Still have Cable Internet though.