It's the first time I've legitimately felt sick in over a year.

Woke up this morning with vertigo and nausea. After spending the morning trying to pump everything out of my stomach (of which I had…nothing), I slept a couple more hours, then went out for a walk and a short run. Feel more or less fine now, but my wife still thinks I have the plague.

how do you get per-circuit usage like that? I can assure most of the so-called “green podcasters” have no fucking idea 😬

Checking in on 2021 miles for the year. Not trying to crush it like last year. Also, I managed to get my weight down to just under 80kg…5kg to go.


I assume you use the electricity and Internet for other things 😬

actually, very early in my career, I was a trainer. Very rewarding, but even back then I weighed too much and standing on my feet for hours on end had its limits.

These days, the virtual user group sessions I lead scratch that itch 😬


there was definitely some background noise on the last one. 😬

you assume our educational system is about education. 😬


it was pretty windy over on this side of the cascades today and I did my run on the treadmill.

you mean like the types of people who say “trust the science?” Science is a process, not a set of “facts” you must believe without question.