Challenged for sleep last night, challenged for time this morning, but I got something in.


No idea why my body clock thinks now is not a good time for sleeping. 😬

it's been a while since I've been able to take the EFF seriously.

‪If the Open Source and Federation guys are restricting who I can communicate with, how are they better alternatives, exactly?‬

I got assigned 20+ tickets in a system I currently have no access to. 😑

Today's non-scale victory: these fit. And to think previously I was too big for 54 inch waist pants.


Work had consumed my morning. By the time I got to it, I needed this jog/hike.


Like I said, it's difficult to make money in podcasting. Guessing 5by5 is making just enough to pay the bills and not much else. Only show of theirs I still listen to is The Critical Path.


I think Adam Curry would argue (rightfully so) about Apple creating podcasting, as this article says. They certainly put it on the map, though.

No one has really figured out how to make money on podcasting. I have yet to see any of these so-called commercial ventures actually do anything more than waste vast sums of money. Individual podcasts that operate on a "value for value" basis are doing alright, though.

I have far too many "other" Twitter accounts (some of which I should delete) but one I do use is specifically for when I'm watching sportsball. Sometimes a different view on the world is a good thing.