@skematica Alaska has historically been decent service-wise. However, like every other US-based airline, they are going down the tubes.

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Checking the Israel holiday calendar, looks like my trip falls during Shavuot. doh Fortunately it falls on a Sunday, which means only four days in the office, but an extra day for the beach.

@matigo I've only flown American like four times ever. Not a pleasant experience.

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The tweeterz says Mohammed Ali has passed away.

@matigo Sadly it's not on an airline I fly much anymore (United—only choice on this short of notice). I was lucky to get aisle seats. :P

Instead of going to Frankfurt a week from Sunday, I'm now going to Tel Aviv a week from today (Friday). Funny how things work out.

@matigo I will bookmark timecodes to potentially transcribe quotes for the No Agenda Quotes account I run on Twitter. Sometimes I am not in a situation where I can transcribe them right then and there (e.g. driving), so I need a way to point at them for later.

@matigo of course, Apple relies on the iTunes catalog, but then again, so does just about every iOS podcast app. At least now I can easily add podcasts by RSS feed now.

The only really "missing" feature for me is bookmarking a specific timecode in a podcast, but I can generally live without that.

@matigo either they rely on servers a bit too much, don't deal with playlists very well, or are butt ugly.