Hey @matigo I can't log into Cappuccino… that Chrome/Windows combination :P

That sounds like a weird sentence out of context.

I now have a large stack of Post-It Notes [instagram.com] thanks to one of the Check Point partners. I probably won't run out for a while…

@matigo I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know.

@matigo ok whatever you did fixed it. Or it just started working randomly… :P

@thrrgilag Thank you 🙂

Finally got around to updating my profile picture here.

@matigo Let's see: vendor imposed goatse or goatse that comes from security vulnerabilities.

That said if it's iOS 9.3.2, my security friends say "update all the things." ?

@matigo I think The Oatmeal [theoatmeal.com] said it best.

// @sumudu

@axodys didn't realize you lived in Eastern WA. I used to live in Spokane Valley.

Wonder if @matigo realizes one cannot actually find a "reply" button on Cappuccino on Chrome 50 on Windows