Wow, I can't believe how badly Groupon failed eCommerce 101 []. Fortunately for me, they can't charge a credit card they don't have.

Found an even better deal for the 32gb iPhone 5s for my daughter: $191 (shipped). She's spending her own money on it.

each age range presents its own challenges, as does each child.

not exactly, but he is definitely learning some lessons he wasn't expecting. :P

I thought I was done with teenage drama. Then I had teenagers. :P

I was outside. Under umbrellas. Drinking adult beverages. In a cafe by the beach. In Tel Aviv. :P

I wonder what has a better picture quality: this BitCam image or a picture from the phone I am holding in my hand? image.png

No most of my other avatars have shades too. It may be the somewhat busier background…or the hat. ?

It's weird, when I see this new avatar, I don't immediately recognize it's me.


my daughter has already learned that lesson when I gave her my old iPad 2 for Christmas and it was dropped on the hard tile in the bathroom. Well, one HOPES she learned that lesson. :P

My son hasn't lost a phone in a while, especially since he got an iPhone. My daughter has lost the same couple phones countless times (later they are found). These are cheap "send and end" Nokias that, frankly, I'd lose too. :P

Meanwhile, my daughter saved up her cash and is getting an iPhone too (just not the data plan to go with it). Which means she'll probably stop losing her phone, or if she does, it's not getting replaced by us.