@matigo If you prefer to read: here's the relevant quotation from NPR's Wikipedia page [en.wikipedia.org]:

When questioned on the subject of how corporate underwriting revenues and foundation grants were holding up during the recession, in a speech broadcast on C-SPAN before the National Press Club on March 2, 2009, then President and CEO Vivian Schiller stated: "underwriting is down, it's down for everybody; this is the area that is most down for us, in sponsorship, underwriting, advertising, call it whatever you want; just like it is for all of media."

@matigo NPR is under no delusion what they're doing is advertising either: http://media.phoneboy.com/misc/VivianSchillerNPR.mp3

@matigo Just remember, if a show has advertising, you are the product. https://www.youtube.com/watch

@matigo the only way "value for value" works is when you're a couple of people, e.g. No Agenda, Daily Tech News Show. NPR has too much overhead and I don't see how, in general, they're going to make a go at it being totally funded by "listeners like you" (versus traditional advertisers and large grants, which is how they are funded today).

@matigo "we just need cash" :P

@matigo that sounds like a fate worse than the Vogons. ?

@matigo nope the FBI wasted over a million dollars to get into the phones and they found fuck all. Which absolutely everyone in the infosec community said would be the case. ?

@matigo it only needs it during the initial activation (I.e. After a factory reset). Otherwise it doesn't care.

Frampton still does the talk box on the acoustic version on "Show Me The Way." It doesn't even sound out of place, either.

Peter Frampton released an album of some of his best songs, but they're played acoustically. Acoustic Classics. Color me a fan.