The more I travel the world, the more I'm convinced that if people actually traveled the world, there'd be less violence and discrimination.

@larand their Twitter account was far more responsive and gave me the answer I was looking for. Amazing how well public shaming works sometimes. :P

Clearly Groupon needs to train their chat reps better.


@matigo it's still going to be easier than changing work laptops, which I will have to do shortly since my current one will only power on/off in the docking station now. :(

@matigo it's fun the same way a root canal is fun.

The fun of changing all my auto-charge crap to my new credit card begins…

One more bug @matigo it seems the front page of doesn't get regenerated on certain events, such as deleting posts or changing the subtitle, etc. I have to create a new post for it to get properly regenerated.

@kdfrawg I think even Alpha has been slow…

// @indigo

@matigo What is this "phone call" thing you speak of. ?

// @indigo

@matigo one other issue, all http URLs seem to be redirected to (the main site) not their https equivalent URL. Not sure that's what you expected.