@matigo 5 hours. It's not a lot of sleep but better than what I've gotten so far. ?

@matigo sounds like a lot of the infosec industry. Not making nearly enough effort to understand the business to know what's actually important to protect.

I'm so ready to get on this plane. I want to sleep.

@matigo one trend that is clear: people want to use THEIR tools to get the job done and/or access business information. Securing in that kind of model is…challenging to say the least. :P

@matigo There's no way I'm getting away from Windows anytime soon, mostly for dogfood reasons.

@matigo iOS may be the answer, but it depends on what the question is. :P

The Blurbs aren't loading @matigo

FlightAware shot of the airplane that will be the one I board. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.00.04 PM.png

@matigo especially now that my itinerary will include changing airports (JFK to LaGuardia) to prevent myself from sitting in JFK for several hours.

If you're into the snapchat thing, obiphonekenobi is my username.