Rare I see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from this vantage point. Also the tiny Gig Harbor airport off to the right. image.jpeg

Here's a legroom shot for @matigo. Short flight to SFO. image.jpeg

There's some Pearl Jam art in SeaTac near Gate A1. I like the Donkey Kong one. image.jpeg image.jpeg

@height8 all social media is just OTHER FORMS of IRC or email. :P

// @matigo @sumudu @indigo

Alright, it's bedtime. At least my flight is not until the afternoon, so I can get up at my usual 5am :P

@matigo hey, I do my part. That said, I've produced a couple of 10 minute episodes recently. :P

@keita Dunno, I can't quite bring myself to use Overcast again. I need a few more nerd knobs now :P

@matigo Tomorrow's trip is to the Bay Area, which is at least a short flight. The next two trips are to Canada, because, you know, Tim Hortons. :P

Three trips over the next four weeks starts tomorrow…

@matigo I apparently play a lot of Churchill Solitaire. :P

// @streakmachine