and, just by coincidence, this would have been the week I’d be in Bangkok if Covid hadn’t happened.

Did also manage my fastest mile today, so that’s something.


This month, I set a goal of not drinking alcohol and eating only once a day.

Failed on the second one tonight. My wife (who rarely cooks anymore) made curry. I had a little bit.

I still use IRC. I don’t need…or want…the UI bloat that comes with everything else.


Neither Google or Apple truly have our best interests at heart.

at least the people who natively speak English will get decent subtitles. Meanwhile, I have to correct for typos…and English errors by people who don't natively speak English.

"above my pay grade" as they say :P

So much for a day off, I have to flag typos in 100 minute video for Sales Kick Off. Maybe that means I can sleep through the video when I watch it at the time I'm supposed to see it. :P

have they even started looking for your replacement yet?

It doesn't even run a 64bit OS and I have several drives sitting around. Not worth spending money. 😬