Instead of the treadmill, I ran/walked outside today.


A former colleague of mine sent me a t-shirt from the part of Nokia we used to work for 20 years ago. It's an XL and it fits. Pretty sure I wasn't a 5XL back in those days, as I was more recently, but still a nice victory.



even if we agreed that he's not proposing another silo, I still think it's a bad idea. I have yet to see anyone successfully monetize the network in this age of infinite distribution.

Individual shows? Sure. A network of them? Not so much.

Been a while since I’ve been out to Narrows Park. Not a great beach but you do get a view of the Narrows Bridge.


More like the "emotional age" since no one seems to apply critical thinking and reason to anything, only their feelings.

the guy's saying "silos suck" then proposing another silo. What would you call it?

not to mention downright hypocritical


seems like another ill-fated attempt at monetizing the network.

shouldn't that site include some "robust, peer-reviewed, scientific data" that backs their claim? Oh wait, that's only required for the other guys…

And even with "robust, peer-reviewed, scientific data," how do you know that data isn't bought and paid for by someone with a financial interest in a specific outcome? See anything related to the efficacy of pharmaceuticals.