Daylight Saving Time needs to die in a fire.


I prefer in-person gatherings so much more. That said, we were able to get people from all over the world to attend my co-workers virtual birthday gathering.

Been a while since I’ve clocked 10 miles in one go. Certainly the first time I’ve done it in under two hours.


Went to a "normal" party last night and attended a virtual birthday party this morning. Both parties had their pros…and cons.

While I kinda miss going to the barber to get my haircut, I don’t miss paying for the privilege of doing so. Like that I can just go out back whenever I want with the clippers and give myself a trim.


Seven miles on a sunny Saturday


I didn’t need to talk on this call, at least while I was running. It’s a team call for the local sales team, which is not a call I typically say much on.

Turns out: I did have something to contribute but I did it after I was done running. 😬

Was on a call during the first round and consequentially forgot to post, so posting it with round two.


I only go shirtless when I'm standing in my backyard and the sun is out. It'll be a while before the sun is out again around here, methinks. 😝

the sun was out briefly, what can I say? 😬