and they barely talk to me. 😬


I haven't been that light since…maybe before high school. It's also right about the target my former doctor had set for me. I'm getting close. 😬

Been a while since I've done a treadmill workout. On the plus side, the entire workout was Zone 2 at a constant pace.


if I did literally nothing else for a month, maybe. 15 miles would take me about four hours.

I'd have to do 900 miles in June, and I'm pretty sure that may be a little unreasonable. 😬

Wasn't originally planning a second jog today, but couldn't resist.


sounds like an excellent idea.

The 100 miles I did last week is catching up to me. Still, got to get out there every day.


if you're running standard open source software, it should all work just fine. Curious how they perform.

and it's not like I go on short jogs either. Completely recognize that pace is not sustainable.