that was my second one of the day. My daughter wanted Starbucks this morning and I obliged. 😬

I'm at the point where a Quad Espresso might be enough.


with the Benadryl I took a couple hours before…yeah, it knocked my ass out good.

Facebook says I looked like this 8 years ago today. Has to be fake news. Today, I'm still fighting off a cold—hurray for Nyquil and 8 hours of sleep—and got my miles in before sunrise.


for some reason that reminded me of this ad for Google Fiber:

And yeah, that ancient technology was a lot more musical than people think.

it better git out before I hit the road again. 😒

Think I've caught the cold everyone has. Didn't stop me from putting in 6 miles on the treadmill, though.


more input from more people

considering that processed food is largely responsible for the obesity epidemic and an environmental disaster, you'd think they'd go after them instead. But no, they're too well funded.

Me in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia versus me today after jogging 7 miles in 90 mins.