Half Way There

Half way through this cleansing process. At the moment, I find myself thinking about what I want to eat when I come off this cleanse. The first day, I will be drinking OJ. The second day, start the day with OJ then move onto vegetable soup broth--not canned stuff, but freshly made stuff. The third day, more OJ and eventually soup with the veggies. Then I should be able to eat normally.

But I do wonder about eating meat again. Not because I don't like it--are you kidding, I did Atkins, for crying out loud--but I wonder how I will ease back into eating it again. I know eating a bunch of it at once is a recipe for disaster. An old co-worker of mine actually burned a hole in his stomach by eating too much meat after not having had it for quite a long time. I don't think I'm anywhere near that length of time, but I am mindful of that incident. Smaller portions for a while for sure.

Tonight I drank senna tea. It should keep things moving along. Haven't needed any additional help. Afraid to try the salt water bath for the insides.