One of the things I really like about Vox is that it seems to encourage serendipitous reading of other people's blogs on Vox. You can see in real time what other Voxers are doing. For example, I posted a backdated article originally from my other blog and within a few moments, I had a piece of feedback on it! The same thing happened with another posting I did. I then went and read their blogs and added them as neighbors. Sweet!

I am glad I signed up for Vox and decided to use it for a more personal blog. Seems like a really good place to do that.

Where's PhoneBoy

I've now added a perhaps voyeristic feature to my other blog: a statusmessage from twitter. I'd add it here as well except there isn't a way for me to add a block of Javascript to my Vox site. I've left some feedback for the people at SixApart about this. Maybe they'll add the ability to add a Twitter block at some point.

Twitter isan SMS-based service where you can update a group of people with asingle text message or a short message from the web. The message isthen sent to your buddies over SMS and is available to be queried overthe web. People can "subscribe" your presence and you can "subscribe"to other people's presence. You receive the updates over SMS.

I'm sure the carriers absolutely love Twitter because it drives theuse of text messaging. Too bad more people I know don't use it.

While they haven't released an API for it yet, they have madeavailable two kinds of badges: one using Flash, the other usingJavascript. The Javascript-based method was released this past week andis what I am using on right now. The badge gives you mylatest status from Twitter so you can get an idea of what I'm doing right now. And all I have to do to update it is send a brief text message.

Mining for Gold--In your Inbox

I'm sure like most of you, I get a lot of spam. Hundreds of messages every single day. I have multiple places to look through as well. Most of my personal email gets forwarded to Gmail, though a "cache" of this email exists at my ISP as well. Problem is: that cache has a spam folder that has grown quite large.

I don't trust spam filters. Nothing's perfect. Even though Gmail's spam filters have a fairly low false-positive rate, I've had it miss enough emails that were important. So I periodically go through the Spam folder to make sure it didn't catch anything. The spam filters at my ISP are much worse: pretty much everything is identified as spam. And to make things even worse: my ISP doesn't forward all my email to Gmail (either that or Gmail rejects it as spam). So I have mail in more than one place!

I think I'm going to shut down the email cache at my ISP and just forward everything to Gmail. It's too much work to sift through this cache.

Quote from my Wife

Someone asked my wife the other day "when did your daughter start speaking in complete sentences?" Her response? "Who knows, nobody in our family shuts up long enough to notice."

Blog Housecleaning

I have been slowly but surely approving the old blog postings I sucked into Drupal from my old blog. It created a heck of a lot of articles. What I have to do is resolve the dependencies (i.e. links to other places). That takes a little bit of time--time I'd rather be spending doing other things, but hey, I was the one who blew up my old blog. :)

Meanwhile, I should be asleep instead of typing at my blog…

Some Old Content May Come Here

As I am manually going through the old postings I had in my other blog, some of the postings there may be more appropriate here as they are more personal in nature. Since Vox allows posts to be backdated, I can even maintain more or less the same time as well. You may see some "old" posts coming across your RSS reader. Nothing to be alarmed of, just me correcting mistakes. :)

A Fresh Start

I could come up with a story about how I wanted a fresh start and felt "deleting and starting over was a good idea," but basically, I did something really stupid. Shame on me for doing something incredibly stupid. Shame on me for not having backups. Basically my blog postings on are gone--two and a half years worth of blogging into the bit bucket.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Since I use a private version of Reblog as an RSS reader, my posts from June 2006 onward are backed up. This gives me some sense of recent history. I also have postings from when I ran my website on TWiki. However, those postings are likely of dubius value these days.

In any case, since I have to do a fair amount of "starting over" anyway, I have decided to try a different CMS system. NucleusCMS was okay, but I really wanted to give Drupal a shot. I guess now's my chance.

Until I get it installed, etc, I have redirected to my newly established personal blog on Vox.

Gracie and Her Crazy Hair

Lots of Birthday Parties

My son has a total of four birthday parties to attend this weekend. One today and three tomorrow. Mommy is going to be partied out. Fortunately, one of the parties is just down the street from us and should be relatively Gracie-friendly, so I can at least go to that one.

The problem with Birthday Parties now is that someone thought it would be a good idea to give the guests a "treat bag." Now of course because someone started it, everyone else has to do it too. Four birthday parties means four treat bags for Jaden. I have no idea who started this treat bag thing. They'd better stay anonymous else a lot of parents would give them the tar-and-feather treatment.

Meanwhile, it makes my weekend a heck of a lot easier. Gracie is a lot easier to entertain than Jaden is: just take her outside or to a playground and she'll have hours of fun. It's nice right now because the weather is good, but it's gonna suck in the next few months when it's raining all the time.

Family Relations

I got to talk to my sister yesterday. Yay! While we "caught up" with each other because it had been a couple of years since I talked to her, the main reason I wanted to talk to her was about our dad. She had the last contact with him and it has been well over a decade since I spoke to him.

Oddly enough, when I was talking to my sister about my dad, I got an email from him with some pictures. A strange coincidence for sure. Apparently, he found my blog, much the same way my sister used Google to find me several years back. I guess I have to be careful what I say about him now because I know he's reading. :)

I have a lot of history with my dad that isn't very pleasant, which is one of the reasons I've made no effort to contact him. He shouldn't feel bad, I don't talk to my mom anymore, either, though the reasons are very different. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do now that he's "opened the door"--a door that has been closed for well over a decade.