Testing Writing Kit App

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Don't mind me. I am testing how Writing Kit works, which is an iPad app that supports Markdown as well as export to a variety of formats.

Formatting Foo

bold text italics

Inserting a photo:


Quotes. Cool.

Hack the code

Wonder how I'm supposed to use backtick on the iPad keyboard.Ok I figured it out

Remains to be seen if I'll use this tool but can't complain so far…

The Duty Free Shops Don't Like This Rule

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Food Pr0n: Lunch at Zepra

It's not uncommon for me to visit Zepra on my trips to Israel. It is across the street from the office, and is quite good. Coconut Juice, some Ostrich dish, and Popcorn Shrimp. A meal fit for a king!

Approaching Check Point

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

It's pictorials like this that remind me of just how temporary man's creations are in the grand scheme of things. Over time, nature takes it's course and reclaims the spaces we have carved out. Imagine what this place will look like in 60 or 600 years instead of 6 years…http://www.lovethesepics.com/2011/05/creepy-crusty-crumbling-illegal-tour-of-…

Sunday Evening Skyline in Tel Aviv

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Tonight's Food Pr0n: Eggs Benedict with Ham and Bacon

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Sweet, nourishing Godstar with @kellman in the Background

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Waiting on the Tarmac in Philadelphia

Scrawled on the Airport Bathroom Wall

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