Zemanta: Blogging Made Easier

One of my friends turned me onto Zemanta, which is a browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox that enhances your blogging experience with Typepad, Wordpress (both wordpress.com and self-hosted), and Blogger. It watches what you type and automatically suggests pictures, related blog stories, keywords, links, and pictures you can use in your blog post.

I usually don't have problems coming up with any of these things, except for keywords. It seems to do a really nice job at finding keywords.  I like the idea that it suggests other, related articles I could link to, though I personally haven't used it before this post here. I mostly included it as an example.

Let me know what you think, though. Sure seems like a winning tool for me!

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Russell Shaw Passed Away

Was flipping through Jaiku and saw a note from Darla Mack saying that Russell Shaw has passed away on Friday. I found one lone article confirming this, but it is the weekend. Maybe we'll find out more about it on Monday.

Russell Shaw blogged about a great number of things for ZDNet, TMCNet, and The Huffington Post, not to mention a number of books. And I thought I wrote a lot. ;)

I never did get to meet Russell Shaw, in real life or on the Internet. I do know, however, he was well-respected and I enjoyed reading his work. He will be missed by the Internet community for sure.

Edit:  Since I posted this, I've seen posts from Andy Abramson, Dan York, and Ken Camp. We still don't know why he died yet, but I'm sure those details will come soon.