Amazing What Blog Posts Get Traction

I'm looking to move some of my blogs over to the 10 Centuries platform and, for kicks, I decided to look through the hit counts on some of my blog posts on my personal blog, currently hosted at Posthaven. A number of posts had a high hit count from when they existed at Posterous, which is where I imported some of the posts from. But a couple really got some traction:Podcasts I Don't Love From People I Don't Trust, my blog post where I outline my reasons for no longer listening to anything produced by Leo Laporte and the guys from TWiT.The Leo Laporte "Affair" wherein I discuss Leo Laporte's errors in judgement that made his love life public.A Shoebox of Memories wherein I discuss a few of the memories my wife brought back from my mother's place.Sunday Evening Skyline in Tel Aviv which is just a picture--oddly got a lot of views.

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